A responsible company is defined by the materials and processes it utilizes. Transparency is another word for nothing to hide. Proudly Made is inspired by the great strides being made in sustainable production and use of new and recycled materials to make high quality products.  We custom make materials exactly to our specifications with the environment in mind.

Custom Outdoor Gear

All outdoor gear is developed to perform specific functions. We start at the fiber level to customize and combine materials to achieve the right design style, weave pattern and functional requirements. From duffle bags to technical backpacks, we create uniquely designed, durable, waterproof and feature rich gear. Every aspect of the design, material construction (backings, coatings, surfaces) and each zipper, buckle and strap are all carefully selected based on function, weight, strength, ergonomics, material content, price point, style and target market.

US Olympic Ski and Snowboard Team

Working closely with the United States Olympic Committee and the Salt Lake Olympic Committee, we designed all the backpacks, travel gear and equipment bags for the US Ski and Snowboard Teams. The multi-board and ski bags featured custom made ballistic waterproof nylons with extra durable weave patterns along with custom artwork patterns.


Designing material content for clothing is one of our specialties. We start by sourcing or developing fabric to meet performance specifications such as: comfort, weight, strength, wash and wear, wrinkle free, shrink free, absorption/wicking, waterproof/resistant, windproof, breathable, UV protection, color fastness and shrinkage.

Having developed a wide range of consumer clothing lines, corporate uniform programs and specialty garments such as flame resistant garments for firefighter or performance sports windbreakers and rain gear, we account for every detail from the material fiber, fabric creation and the design/manufacturing process.

National Uniform Programs

We developed many national uniform programs (TGI Fridays, Rent-A-Center, Valero Gas, Six Flags Amusement Park, Marathon Oil, etc.) by producing a wide range of consistently branded garments that are durable (custom weave patterns), comfortable (cotton blend) and professional (color, quality , and wrinkle-free)


Sourcing and manufacturing wood products with sustainability in mind is our top priority. That’s why we partner with supplies that are FSC certified, the gold standard in forest certification, and find opportunities to use reclaimed materials and reduce waste in the production and recycling process. We maintain consistent quality by ensuring the source materials are properly kiln dried, sealed, fabricated and finished in compliance with PROP 65 and CPSCIA standards. Craftsmanship in manufacturing wood products starts with specifying the right material combinations. From plywood, MDF, veneer, laminate, reclaim or solid wood we understand what to use and how to produce:

  • Kitchen Cabinets & Vanities
  • Shelving & Desks
  • Skate Decks
  • Book cases
  • Beds
  • Furniture
  • Displays
  • Boxes & Crates
  • Racks & Frames

Sustainable Materials

Synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon, and acrylic pollute the environment and expose our bodies to toxins. On the other hand, natural and hybrid fabrics provide many benefits to both producer and consumer.

Natural Fibers

A natural fiber is found in nature, without any human intervention. For the most part, natural fibers have a lower environmental impact from cultivation through use of the product. Some of these materials can decompose in a matter of weeks.

Hemp – A comfortable, durable, low-impact fiber resistant to UV, mold and mildew.

Linen – Great for warm weather clothing and made from flax, an eco-friendly crop that requires minimal fertilizers and pesticides.

WoolAlpaca, angora, cashmere, mohair and other fibers collected from animals that provide insulation and flame resistant qualities.

Silk – Soft and smooth, but not slippery, silk is a strong fiber made from the cocoons of insect larvae.

Organic Cotton – Grown, harvested and processed without chemicals, certified organic cotton offers a soft and versatile fabric.

Jute – Breathable, shiny fiber that is affordable to grow with minimal water and no chemicals.

Semi-synthetic Fabric

Semi-synthetic fabrics are made from natural materials that have been extracted through a chemical process. Here are three of our favorites, all of which have great benefits for personal wear and low impact on the environment.

Rayon – A manufactured fiber made from regenerated cellulose fiber whose many types and grades can imitate the feel and texture of natural fibers such as silk, wool, cotton, and linen.

Lyocell – A form of rayon consisting of cellulose fiber made from dissolving bleached wood pulp, biodegradable Lyocell is known for its economical use of energy and natural resources as well as its high absorbency for excellent dyeing.

Cupro – A regenerated cellulose fiber that is produced by treating cotton cellulose with cuprammonium salt, Cupro fabrics breathe like cotton, drape beautifully, and look and feel like silk on your skin.

From Fiber to Fabric

Regardless of what material is selected, we partner with suppliers to customize fabric to match the specifications for  design, function, content, texture and color. We oversee the textile manufacturing to deliver a wide range of sophisticated performance fabrics. With our focus on sustainable development, including the use of recycled materials and eco-friendly production processes, we source fabrics that reflect our commitment to quality and the environment. The fiber to fabric attributes listed below represent the key elements in the fabrication process.

Fiber Dyeing


Fiber Blending


Yarn Manufacturing


Yarn Extrusion


Material Dyeing








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