Many steps go into setting up functional distribution processes, from implementing smart technology systems for product communication and forecasting to finding the right place to warehouse inventory. We’ll work with you to ensure efficient and error-free distribution so you can quickly deliver on client orders and secure repeat business.


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) helps companies reduce costs and errors, increase processing speeds and streamline business partnerships. We bring these benefits to you by helping to implement EDI systems that enable real-time product communications and secure online sales with big box retailers.


Keep unnecessary costs at a minimum and lower the time from order to production with proper warehousing. We’ll help you find and secure the best storage facility that can hold your residual inventory until its ready for shipment and deliver directly to clients or store locations.


Forecasting helps in determining future needs to reduce overhead costs and exposure. We’ll work with you to set up forecasting best practices so you can track the necessary data and transaction history to plan ahead.

Inventory Control

The key to success is always having exactly what your clients need to quickly fulfill their orders. We recommend cloud-based, real-time inventory management, and can work with you to select and implement the best system for inventory control.

Item Coding

Item codes can indicate color, description, size or brand. By building these codes into your inventory control and shipping processes, we will help you feel confident in the accuracy of your order fulfillment.

Order Placement

Purchase orders should be based on predictable forecasting and agreed-upon quantity. We work with clients to make sure the right quantities are ordered, to avoid overproduction or tying up cash flow, and allow flexibility for all involved parties.

Order Shipping

Many steps lead up to the successful fulfillment of an order, from freight selection and order labeling to packing list and item coding to ensure accurate shipments. We’ll work with you on shipping logistics so everything is prepared, clear, and easy when it comes time to deliver an order.

Tracking & Billing

Automating the order completion, fulfillment, and billing process saves time and ensures accuracy. Once an order has shipped, your EDI interface and smart computer technology should communicate with the client for order tracking and direct payment invoicing.

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