The success of your next product begins with a well-planned strategy. We take a consultative approach to understand your vision, then work with you to set a plan of action for product development and process improvement. As a result, you’ll move quickly, making informed on-your-feet decisions when it comes to design, material selection, quality enhancements sustainable choices, and much more.

Manufacturing Consultation

A personalized consultation begins with discovery to uncover your needs, goals, and expectations for a new product. We ramp up quickly, and upon doing so we can advice on sampling, imaging, pricing, producing, and improvements. As a trusted arm of your business, we can then communicate directly with the factory to decide efficiencies and ensure product quality on your behalf.

Product Development

From product rendering to material selection, we bring a solid understanding of end-to-end product development to help you make the right choices. We’ll work with you to create illustrative and 3D prototypes, select best materials to reach your function and performance goals, and aid with price modeling in your marketplace.

Process Improvement

We can help you improve manufacturing efficiency by refining your existing operations. Whether it’s recommendations for waste reduction, supplier relations, or process standardization, we’ll give you actionable guidance to lean out your process and increase quality, efficiency, and output.

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