We believe a supplier should match your values, like bringing manufacturing back to the USA. At Proudly Made, we make American producers the top priority, and work hard to identify opportunities to use onshore suppliers and factories for your manufacturing needs.


Once we’ve determined your product design, we can work with you through the entire fabrication process. This includes locating, negotiating and overseeing relationships with domestic material supplier and identifying which materials to work with and ways to maximize their usage.

Manufacturing Management

Once your product moves into production, we’ll work closely with the manufacturers and manage the process from end-to-end. This includes securing the raw materials for production use, and making possible modifications to increase quality assurance and efficiency.

Quality Control

You expect a high-quality product, and that’s what we intend to help you deliver. During production management, we’ll pre-determine quality standards with QC/QA procedures in place and implemented, and conduct rigorous in-line quality control.

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