We have decades of experience managing a diverse range of large-scale manufacturing projects from initial concept development and design to material selection, production, assembly and supply chain logistics.


Manufacturing Consultation
Product Development
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Product Design
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Material Selection
Industry 4.0


Manufacturing Management
Quality Control


Inventory Control
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Market Compliance
Third Party Testing

25 Years Leading Large Scale Manufacturing Operations.

Proudly Made achieves success for clients by opening doors to materials, technologies and vendors around the world. Our mission is to put our knowledge and energy into building demand and resources for onshore supply chain and manufacturing solutions to benefit local communities and the national economy of the USA.

Led by a highly experienced and entrepreneurial strategic leader, Proudly Made leverages an extensive track record of recognizing and capitalizing on possibilities, opportunities and trends.  We specialize in building sustainable manufacturing businesses from the ground up and taking ideas from imagination to marketable reality.

We manage a diverse range of large scale projects from initial client meeting, concept development and design to product / material selection through multiple processes to production, assembly and supply chain logistics.

Manufacturing Transformed

Proudly Made is Manufacturing Transformed, bringing home the quality, variety and thriving domestic economy that can only be built on a healthy manufacturing foundation that delivers smart solutions that are safe, sustainable and sourced in the United States.

Strategic Automation

We deploy manufacturing innovation with lean processes, vertical implementation and sustainable practices.

Research & Marketing

We uncover market trends, customer demand to target product design based on function, performance, lifespan, sustainability and future growth.

Design & Development 

Our innovative prototyping and engineering methods deliver compliance-ready products that meet specifications and exceed expectations.     

Custom Materials Creation and Sustainable Processes

We simplify product evolution with the earth in mind by sourcing smart resources, automating production and reducing waste in the creation of custom materials for high performance or one-of-a-kind applications.  

Logistics & Distribution 

We optimize supply chain management systems to maximize all logistics with real-time analytics for inventory, shipping, and returns.

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