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Atlanta, GA

The Challenge

A recent client came to us in need of a motorcycle stand specific to the motocross market. The concept was the first of its kind – a stand that also functioned as a toolkit so riders could conveniently work on their bikes while off-roading.

Over the course of three conversations, the client explained that there are eight basic tools that every bike needs, regardless of brand or style. The stand needed to be able to hold these tools, and additionally meet more specific requirements that would make it both durable and lightweight so it remained secure in transit without being cumbersome to riders.

Example specifications included locks to secure the tools, a magnetic strip to hold tools while working, drawer nesting to knock down shipping costs, clear and secure assembly, and color preferences. The stand also needed to be able to handle the weight of a bike and an up to 200 lb. rider.

The Solution

Using this information, we developed the product, selected materials, and designed the nesting, locking, and securing components. We secured all certifications including Prop 65 Compliance and Weight Testing Certificates.

Lastly, we created a series of twelve logos using the client’s guidelines of wanting the box to be “strong… like a Rhino”, and narrowed it down to one logo that was used on the final product, which was named Motobox™.

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